Since the election of the Abbott LNP government the rights and living standards of older Australians have been under relentless attack. Starting with the budget of 2014 when the government attempted to make the aged and vulnerable members of our society carry the entire burden of repairing the budget deficit while protecting the well off things have gradually deteriorated.

  • Benefits paid to aged pensioners have been either been cut or frozen or face threats of more cuts leaving the percentage of Australian seniors living in poverty amongst the highest of all developed nations
  • Medicare has been eroded and aged care funding slashed
  • Superannuation rules repeatedly changed preventing self funded retirees from planning their futures
  • Cost of living has gone through the roof due to privatisation of critical public utilities to foreign companies and a failure to protect the rights of Australian consumers to access to our resources at a fair price. Governments have allowed the uncontrolled export of resources such as gas causing skyrocketing prices for gas and electricity and shortages for local consumers and businesses.
  • House rentals for seniors have skyrocketed as excessive immigration levels,  foreign investment and negative gearing have destroyed housing affordability
  • Abuse of seniors in aged care and financial exploitation in retirement villages has become widespread

At the same time seniors are constantly told what a huge burden on younger taxpayers they have become. Joe Hockey referred to pensioners as “ leaners”, code for bludgers. This continual denigration of the contribution of older Australians who worked, paid taxes, fought in wars, raised our children and built this wonderful nation we all enjoy has to stop.

It is time for any working Australian over 50 yo to look and see that what is happening to their parents, older friends and relatives will be how they will be treated in the future. Any age pensioner or self funded retiree needs to seriously consider how much worse off they will be in the future. The LNP, Labor and the rest don’t care what happens to older Australians which is proven by their actions and policies. Australia has one of the highest proportions of seniors living in poverty and this will only get worse unless there is change. We did not plan on being forced to work until we drop as one former LNP Treasurer said recently and then live in miserable poverty.

GreyPower Australia has a range of policies to address these issues. We will apply huge pressure to:

  • Increase the Age Pension from 27.7% of Male Total Average Weekly Earnings (MTAWE) to 33% of MTAWE. This would mean an increase of approximately 20% in the Age Pension of $243 per fortnight for a couple and $161 per single pensioner.
  • Ensure that the Age Pension is increased at the same rate as the spiralling power and other costs faced by older Australians and that retirees’ living standards do not fall behind in real terms
  • Fix the Age Pension age at 65 yo – no more nonsense about working until aged 70.
  • Stop the continual haphazard changes to superannuation and hold a comprehensive parliamentary inquiry into retirement income to devise a retirement income strategy which is fair to all and allows Australians to live with dignity in retirement, ends superannuation as a tax evasion scheme for well off Australians and brings parliamentary and public service pensions into line with the rest of the community.
  • Make all sectors of the economy pay their fair share of taxation – ending legalised tax evasion by Corporates and by well off individuals through transfer pricing, negative gearing, offshore tax havens and legal tax evasion instruments such as trusts.
  • Legislate that all pensioners and retirees entitled to Health Care Cards receive bulk billed medical treatment for ALL Medicare funded treatments – this includes specialists. No more gaps.
  • Eliminate the need for retirees eligible for Health Care Cards to have expensive private health insurance by allowing them to have treatment in Private Hospitals bulk billed to Medicare without any gaps to eliminate the long waiting time for so many public hospital treatments.
  • Allow all retirees eligible for Health Care Cards to have all dental care bulk billed under Medicare including annual dental checks.
  • Immediately reinstate all aged care funding cut by the LNP government and legislate that all aged care facilities must have a Registered Nurse on duty 24 hours per day every day. Then conduct a parliamentary inquiry into aged care with the brief of devising a fully funded aged care model with rigorous standards of care required

All of these initiatives are achievable if the taxation rorts of the elite are eliminated and everyone pays their fair share.

We urge you to act now to ensure a voice to protect your future:

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