Aged Care


This sector has been ravaged by successive budgets. Our policy is that:

  1. Funding cut from aged care in the Turnbull and Abbott LNP budgets must be reinstated immediately.
  2. A parliamentary inquiry be held to examine all aspects of aged care and produce a plan to provide fully funded aged care by means of an aged care levy with comprehensive standards to be met by all operators in the industry.
  3. An Aged Care Commissioner be appointed immediately to investigate and prosecute all cases of mistreatment of aged care residents.

Vulnerable seniors should not be placed in the care of inadequately trained persons.

All aged care facilities be required to have a registered nurse on duty 24 hours per day every day
All staff employed in an aged care facility who have direct contact with residents must:

  1. have a nationally accredited age care qualification
  2. be required to pass IELTS level 7 english language proficiency