About Us

GreyPower Australia was born out of the frustration of a group of older Australians with how the established political parties:

  • were disrespecting the contribution of seniors to this country over their lifetimes by calling them a burden on younger taxpayers and “leaners” ( LNP code for bludgers)
  • ignoring the legitimate needs of older Australians for employment, for dignity and an adequate standard of living in retirement and for quality medical treatment, retirement homes, aged care and palliative care

At the same time it was clear that this would never change until older Australians had a voice in parliament to be a voice for the over 50’s and fight relentlessly for their rights and for fair treatment in our society.

To achieve this it was realised a new political force with the aim of protecting and speaking up for over 50’s had to be established. This will be a difficult task but if is not undertaken the future of current and future generations of older Australians seeking employment, running small businesses and ultimately retiring will be increasingly bleak.

We urge all Australians aged 50 and greater to consider their situation now and what it may be in the future and to act to have a voice in the governing of this great country by joining GreyPower – the only party which will fight for your rights. For an investment of $20pa you could be ensuring your future in retirement.