(draft policy)

There currently are far too many obstacles in the path of older Australians seeking employment. We have a government which is seeking to push the retirement age out to 70yo while at the same time doing nothing to provide opportunities for older Australians to get employment.

Age discrimination is unfortunately part of the culture of Australia reinforced by a government seeking to diminish seniors and label them as a burden on younger members of our society.
To help lower these barriers we propose:

  1. A subsidy of $10,000 pa in the first year of employment and $5,000 in subsequent years for any organisation employing an additional full time employee aged 55 years or greater on a full time permanent basis and pro rata subsidy for part time permanent employees.
  2. A taxation rebate of $2,000 pa for for full time wage earners aged 65 and above.
  3. Workers compensation legislation in each State to be redrafted to give older workers the same rights in terms of protection and compensation as younger workers. The current situation in which workers approaching or over 65 years of age face restricted coverage in most if not all States is unfair and discriminatory